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Welcome the official website for Nela (a/k/a La Nela De Socartes). 

A new musical tragedy on love, opportunity, and change, the show had its world premiere November 27 - December 6, 2020, UK and festival debut August 7 and 8, 2021, at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and its New York virtual debut at the 10th Annual Rochester Fringe Festival September 14 - October 9. Currently, a new version of the musical is in development.

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About The Musical

About Nela

The year is 1870 in the fictional town of Socartes, Spain.

A 16-year-old girl named Marianela struggles to live a life with happiness, sleeping between two baskets in the home of

Señor and Señora Ana Centeño.

The man she guides throughout Socartes, an optimistic blind man named Pablo Penáguilas, expresses his love for her, and so does Marianela.

Despite this, Pablo is given a life-changing opportunity by Don Teodoro Golfín.

However, this opportunity could be at the cost of Marianela's life.

Marianela, though, is given a life-changing opportunity of her own: to escape Socartes with her foster brother Celipín.

Florentina, Pablo’s cousin visiting Socartes, battles her father, Don Manuel, on what it means to be a woman of society.

Manuel, Don Carlos (Teodoro’s brother), Sofia (Carlos’s wife), Don Francisco (Pablo’s father), Teodoro, and all of the characters bring about conversations on idealism versus materialism, social class politics, adoption reform, and mental health.

Their story is an uplifting musical tragedy on love, opportunity, and change: Nela.

Nela is the musical adaptation of Marianela by Benito Perez Galdos with English translation by Clara Bell and book, music, lyrics, and orchestrations by Greggory Nekrasovas and Massimiliano Cicio in their theatrical debut.

The production premiered virtually November 27- December 6, 2020 received audience acclaim for its music, cast performances, and storytelling. 

Nela made its UK and festival debut at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and its New York virtual premiere at the Rochester Fringe Festival, receiving acclaim for its "strong, vibrant, and beautiful" music and strong performances, all in an effort to bring the show to the stage.

Cast and Creative Team

Nela Cast


Frank Montoto

Don Teodoro Golfín

Bruno Giraldi-6_final.jpg

Bruno Giraldi

Pablo Penáguilas


Daniela Delahuerta



Alexander Brown

Señor Centeño

The cast is shown in order of appearance.


Katrice Gavino

Señora Ana


Isabella King



Imran Hylton

Don Carlos Golfín


Sean Patrick Murtagh

Don Francisco Penáguilas


Milagros Colón


Gus_ Headshot.jpeg

Gustavo Wons

Don Manuel Penáguilas


Katlin Svadbik

Florentina Penáguilas

Creative Team


Benito Pérez Galdós

Author, Marianela


Clara Bell

Translator, Marianela


Greggory Nekrasovas

Book, Music, Lyrics, Orchestrations, Director, Producer

Massimiliano Cicio

Book, Music, Lyrics, Orchestrations, Producer

Chris Headshot.jpeg

Christopher Giacomini

Supervising Video Editor


Katejoule Carney

Marianela (Understudy)

Abby Hazlett

Celipín (Understudy), Dramaturg

Isabel Rodriguez

Marianela (Alternate), Virtual Lighting Designer

Katlin Svadbik

Stage/Social Media Manager

Ty Gabriel Jones

Associate Director

Kenny Horn

Video Editor

Ashleigh Corby

Video Editor

Yasin Moustafay

Lyoni Tillman

Video Editor

Dan Walker

Video Editor

Emily McCormack

Video Editor

Kevin Garcia

Video Editor

Video Editor

Additional Cast and Creative Team

Testimonials / Contact

Audiences Love Nela!

"Loved the eclectic casting."

"This show has massive potential." 

"It was truly a captivating musical experience."

"Congratulations! It's a touching piece of work."

"You did something my entire theater program couldn't do.”

"Beautiful and immaculate music.”

"The story is a turn for the heart strings."

"The music is strong, vibrant, and beautiful."

"Every actor and video editor rose to the occasion."

"La Nela De Socartes is something I have never seen before."


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